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Key features of our MoveDirect app

Manage viewings instantly

Manage your viewings is one of the many benefits of signing up to your account. Download the app and receive all the notification of viewings that have been requested or approved.

Push notifications

Push notifications aim to increase customer engagement. You will receive push notifications regarding your property direct to your device. This will keep you constantly up-to-date with your activity day or night.

Direct messaging with buyer

Direct messages give buyers and tenants the opportunity to ask additional questions. Sellers can reply instantly. So, if you want to be qualifying leads, there’s simply no other way to do it as fast as an instant live chat.

Property performance reports

You should regularly review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position. Always keep an eye on how many views, clicks and interest your property is receiving as well as other vital stats that can help you market your property to it’s full potential.

Negotiate offers & agree a sale

You can Receive offers 24/7 from home buyers and agents through our app. You don’t have to wait for an estate agent to open their doors to receive or negotiate offers.

Adjust Property Details

You can change the price and even add extras to your property like paying for the mortgage survey, legal fees and moving costs; making it more appealing to buyers. Make sure you have saved enough to cover all of the upfront costs.

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